adrift /əˈdrɪft/ adj. & adv. without purpose, direction, or guidance. 2 no longer fixed in position. [Source: The Oxford English Dictionary]

Annie /æni/ pn. 1 a blonde girl that doesn’t know much about anything. someone who makes their shopping lists in the order of the supermarket layout. [Source: urbandicionary.com]


Hello, I’m Annie. I’m an MA publishing student, a linguist (I speak French, Italian and German with varying degrees of success), a writer and an aspiring editor currently living in a small town called London. My hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner and I like to leave the clicks on my phone when I type.

If I didn’t lose you at ‘clicks’, welcome! I began this blog way back in 2013 when I went on my year abroad and it found a second lease of life in 2016 when I moved to Austria for no reason. There is an unfortunate lack of living abroad now that I’m studying again, so it’s now more commonly used for sporadic rambles about other things. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it.

You can also find me being funny on Twitter, being artsy on Instagram, or chatting about books on YouTube.